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Luxury Astrology

Two months' luxury astrology coaching program

Ever feel like the ghost inside the machine?

This was my experience, and I learned to apply astronomy to make my astrology more effective and grounded. Now I am able to move myself ahead using fixed stars interpretations based on astronomy to keep myself growing at a pace with science and society. And now you can too!

Geometry of your chart

Before we start into the specifics we will get a bearing on the shape of your chart, and what the combined planetary angles have created for you. 

  • How energy works in your life

  • Overall type of challenges you face

  • Points we should concentrate on

  • Fixed stars

    We choose the stars in the most critical locations in your chart, and work through them one by one. You will have concrete tasks to do, according to their auspices.

  • 3-step program of star's auspices

  • Case studies for clarity

  • Astronomy of the star for evidence

  • Spin and evaluation

    As we work through your chart and your stars, we compose positive affirmations to help you process. We discuss changes and feelings and needs. 

  • Constant re-evaluation of status

  • New realizations and successes

  • Shadow work - fears and solutions 

  • Ready To Start Programming Your Own Matrix?

    People are having wonderful developments in their personal identity and path forward. You could be one of them. You could have access to luxury service for your personal progress.

    Who Can Benefit From Astronomy-Based Astrology?

    With inside knowledge from the Creator Stars themselves, you have the edge in your personal development.


    You have no end of concerns for your child

    •  "You have definitely shined a light through all of the cloudiness!! I was very overwhelmed at first when I started exploring her chart, thank you so much for your amazing help, the time you took to really dig deep and help me understand better. I've taken it all in and I'm most certainly going to apply all of it well especially [confidential]. I've been so worried I didn't even bother to think of that and it makes me feel silly. She's very [confidential] and I'm so grateful I'm here and taking the time to understand her chart so I can get a better picture of how to guide her and also be a better nurturer for her. So grateful thank you so much.  - Valentina Santanilla
    • Wow that's phenomenal.  - Betty Napier

    You Reached a Plateau (social, career, love...)

    Life Could Be So Much More...

    • "Wow, so much information gathered! Thats incredible. However the struggle of this [confidential] is not incredible.... I'm defiantly struggling." -- "I relate." --- "Glad someone has found me, who can!" - Karley DeMita
    • "I'm amazed on the synchronicities... Absolutely that is a wonderful plan." - Joanna Munoz
    • "Thank you so much. This is really helpful and definitely gives me some direction." - Kylie Anne Palm

    Getting grounded

    "This makes a lot of sense and puts a lot into perspective."

    The above comment by Madison Chaffin is a common response to the astronomy-based astrology I do. Milton Gradilla said "Thank you so much for the analysis of this it rings true. And it does give me perspective towards my life."

    Madison Chaffin

    Milton Gradilla

    Feeling of relief

    "The affirmations almost made me cry. Thank you so much. This means a lot to me... That's so interesting. I'm [confidential] ... This is way more than I thought I was about to get. I really appreciate this."

    The above comment by Reina Agana typifies the feeling of emotional relief I see in my work. An Nie said "You're the kind of astrologer I'm aiming to be. Thank you so much for your insight." 

    Reina Agana

    An Nie

    Ready To Get Right With Your True Self?

    Luxury Astrology uses the astronomy-based astrology system pioneered by Super-Intelligent Astrology. Prepare to be delighted! and amazed at yourself... and probably a little scared. Life is a wild ride, buckle up!

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